YES! I want to order Earth 4 Electricity and I know there's no time to lose. Thanks for the 100% money back guarantee, too - that takes all the pressure off my decision. I Understand that when I place my order, here is what I will get for my $49.97: The 280 page Earth 4 Electricity e-book, step-by-step instructional videos, lifetime updates, one on one counselling with Jim Martin and all 3 bonus reports. I understand that these are all instant downloads, so I can get started ASAP!

Here's Everything You Get With Earth 4 Electricity™ :

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Upgrade To The Earth 4 Electricity ™ Deluxe Edition And You Also Get
Jim’s Brand New E-Book, Build Your Own House™
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Great news! Since you are ordering today, you have a limited-time opportunity to upgrade to the Earth 4 Electricity™ Deluxe Edition. The deluxe package includes everything you just read about above, plus:


Build Your Own House™

Build Your own House™ is a classic step by step roadmap for planning, contracting, and building your own home. The Book covers everything from choosing the right location to laying blocks, from planning and building walls and windows, to laying carpets and fascia, from hiring the right vendors to choosing fixtures, focusing on the latest technologies, materials, money-saving options, and environmentally friendly methods, allowing you to save money, get more for your money, maximize your usable space, decrease maintenance costs, and choose from an exciting array of new options. 

Hers is a small sample of what you will find in the Build Your Own House Book™:

  • Select the Right Site and Supervise Its Preparation

  • Study Local Building Codes and Permit Needs

  • Select the Right Mortgage

  • How To Set a Realistic Budget

  • Calculating Your Cost per Square Foot

  • Figuring Out Your Insurance Needs

  • Shopping for Land

  • Defining Your Style

  • Conducting a Site Survey

  • Handling Ordinance Restrictions

  • Dealing with Local Authorities and Inspectors

  • Building Your Footings

  • Getting Your Blocks in Order

  • Tarring Your Foundation

  • Building a Drainage

  • Finding Quality Lumber - Even Free Lumber

  • Building Walls, Floors and Subfloors

  • Building Rafters, Trusses and Fascia

  • Instaling Doors and Windows

  • Installing New Tub and a Toilet

  • Building The Kitchen and Cabinetry

  • Painting and Installing Lighting

  • Installing Carpets, Fixtures and Moldings

  • Make Wise Decisions on Floor Plans, Framing, and Foundations

  • Choose the Newest and Most Economical and Efficient Types of Insulation, Roofing, Plumbing, Wiring, and More

  • Powerful Time, Money and Energy Saving Ideas

  • Evaluate Doing It Yourself Vs. Subcontracting

  • Select Amenities Such As Decks, Patios, Gazebos, Sidewalks, and Driveways

  • And Much Much More...
The Build Your Own House™  book is the perfect complement to the Earth 4 Electricity™ program and it also contains page after page of new and never before released information about how to plan, prepare, build and even decorate your own dream house, you cannot find anywhere else!

The Build Your Own House™ book will be selling separately for $47 when it launches next month. This is your only chance to grab both ebooks – Earth 4 Electricity™ and Build Your Own House™ in one great package at one great low price.

Value: $47

Earth 4 Electricity Deluxe Edition:

YES! I want to order Earth 4 Electricity Deluxe edition! I understand that I will get everything in the Earth 4 Electricity basic edition as described above, as well as the new Build Your Own House™ book. I understand that I’m getting a great deal and saving almost $30 because I’m grabbing both of these ebooks together in this package during this special pre-release offer. I realize it would cost me $96.97 to buy these separately, but I’m getting the deluxe package for only $67, so I’m saving 30% by buying both e-books now)